Why An Annuity?

Many people have found that doing so has made their future more financially secure. Here is why:

Tax Deferred Growth - interest credited to your annuity account is NOT TAXED during the accumulation period by current federal income tax, which represents a significant value to those seeking growth of the nest egg.

Guaranteed Rate Of Interest - an annuity can give you PEACE OF MIND in that it grows safely while protecting your initial investment. For your protection, you will earn a minimum guaranteed rate of interest throughout the lifetime of your contract.

Competitive Interest Rate - while your contract will never earn less than the guaranteed minimum interest rate, an annuity is credited with a CURRENT DECLARED interest at an effective annual yield equal to OR BETTER than many traditional retirement savings vehicles.

Access to Interest - while an annuity is designed to be a long term contract, you may withdraw interest earned AT ANY TIME with no penalty in most cases.

Access to Principle - you may withdraw up to 10% of the principle after the first contract year in most cases. 

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